Born in Zell Mosel, Germany, Winemaker Hans Peter Weis grew up in the vineyards and cellar of his family winery.  He spent many years learning and gaining experience in the traditional style of the Mosel. After receiving his degree in winemaking, business, and agriculture, he decided to travel to the United States on a quest to pursue his winemaking passion. After experiencing a vintage in the Sonoma region of California he stumbled upon his home away from home in the Finger Lakes region of New York.   He found the minerality of the soil and climate similar to that of home and knew it would be the perfect place to pursue his passion of handcrafting traditional German-style wines for all to enjoy!

Zeller Swhwarze Katz sign with Black Cat image from Peter's home village.


Hans Peter Weis graduates from university and leaves Germany for his first vintage in the U.S. where he finds his way to the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

Peter standing in old production facility with a cube tank of wine.  Holding up his pointer finger to signify our first wine.


Peter and Ashlee Weis decide to begin their own adventure together and the first vintage for Weis Vineyards is harvested.

Ashlee and Peter Weis stand in front of the first Weis Vineyards sign in the front yard.  The wind is blowing and two open flags are waving in the background


The schoolhouse tasting room doors open and the first Weis Vineyards vintage is released.

Front view of the tasting room schoolhouse.  Showcasing the new blue siding, white sliding barn doors, galvanized metal roof and small square sign on the side.


Our lovely schoolhouse tasting room gets a facelift.


The barn is converted into an additional tasting space.

Peter Weis using a pallet jack to move pallets of glass in production facility.  Behind him are stacked wine barrels.


As the winery continues to grow we bring in new team members, increase distribution, and expand our production facility.

Peter Weis standing in the middle of a field that will become our first vineyard site.  The property overlooks Keuka Lake and Peter is turned away with his arm extended out toward the lake in the background.


Weis Vineyards plants their first estate vineyard.


Groundbreaking begins on a new tasting room and barrel room addition to open in the spring of 2021.


The Weis family welcomes its newest team member, Peter William Weis.


The new tasting room addition opens in May 2021.



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